Some horses don't even make it up here before they are sold, so if you are looking for something special then could you please CLICK HERE to give me a few more details
or feel free to ring Ness on 0417 363 710

All of these horses are working nicely under saddle, hacking out around the farm and cantering over logs and cross poles. They are shod, have had their teeth done and are up to date with worming.

Please remember that the Irish horses are different to other breeds and are very slow to mature. What you give on one end, you will get back on the other! For example: ESB Irish Caramore is 31yo; Irish Chimes 27yo; ESB Irish Era 23yo; and ESB Irish Desire 22yo are still going, just to name a few!

As a breeder, it is important to me that I produce the very best that I can; that they go to the right homes; that they can fulfill their potential but I also want them to last!
He is working well under saddle and has a super temperament and lovely paces
He doesn't have his own page as he is a pure TB.
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ESB Irish Saint
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